Poor Jonny's Cookbook

With vegetarian recipes that strengthen your spirit and save your soul, Suellen Ocean's talking cooking when the cupboard's bare! This stir-crazy country woman's got the slap-happiest way to bake a pie and even shows you how to cook with acorns and wild rose hips. Poor Jonny's Cookbook is for pioneers, rich people, poor people, writers, frugal people, busy people, city people, country people, newlyweds, survivalists, seniors, starving artists and students!

"Ocean... is a veritable Betty Crocker of the woodland"
Biography Magazine

Ocean... was intent on living in a one-room cabin... dining on nothing but nuts and berries."
Chicago Tribune

"Ocean is an excellent vegetarian cook."
Bountiful Gardens

Ocean... is "a resourceful person who doesn't like to waste things."
The [Hayward] Daily Review

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