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Jon Hose has produced a companion DVD for the Acorns and Eat 'em book.
The DVD shows how to prepare acorns and includes cooking demos.
How to order Acorns & Eat 'em (the Video) on DVD

HEARTWOOD Picture Cars and Bikes:
In 1996 I spent half a year working on the feature film: HEARTWOOD.
This love story stars Jason Robards, Eddie Mills, Hilary Swank and
Randall Batinkoff. Directed by Lanny Cotler. Produced by Steve Cotler.
My credits are: Picture Car Captain & 2nd Unit Assistant to the Director.
As picture Car Captain I was responsible for the cars and motorcycles
which appear on camera: locating them, getting them on set at the right
time and returning them to their owners in primo condition!
Click to see the picture cars and bikes:

1957 Ford Ambulance (courtesy of Pacific Lumber)
Cadillac (courtesy of Barry "the Fish" Melton, of Country Joe and the Fish)
1954 Chevy Pickup (courtesy of Sandy Eddy)
Yamaha XT-250 Thumper
Randall Batinkoff astride Dyna Convertable (courtesy of Jim and Jim's)
(Frank is asking if he may ride Johnny Perfecto's Harley :-)

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