Just hours after her lover’s death, Ellie meets Evan, a handsome mulatto. She’s struggling to regain her integrity… he’s anxious to take it. He loves women. Black, white, mulatto… he enjoys them all. He’s the privileged son of a wealthy South Carolina planter, who welcomed him into his home while the boy’s mother, a slave, was left to plant rice in knee-deep mud. After his white family grew bitter toward his father’s favoritism, Evan was sent away with a small fortune. And then he met Ellie. She was good at smelling money… but the thumping in her heart began right away. Should she fall for a wealthy, eligible bachelor… a heart breaker… serious about only one thing… the beautiful women who taunted him? After meeting Ellie, Evan wasn’t sure what was more dangerous, white carpetbaggers or her temperament. Could he enjoy Ellie’s beauty and then walk away? Not if she had anything to say about it.

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