Dandelion Lane

Two brothers, Isaac and Levi, fighting for opposite sides during the Civil War, and their sister Sarah, have contrary views about how Kentucky's post-war days should take shape. Levi wants to send for his nurse Prudence, a beautiful fair-skinned mulatto who saved his life and captured his heart. Isaac is opposed, believing that itís wrong for a white man to marry a black woman. He fought a war to prevent that. Sarah, comfortable with tradition, would rather her brother not get involved. It feels terribly wrong, until she meets Pru's handsome almost-white brother Thomas, who moves into the house across the street. Sarahís distraction inflames her beau Ben. She must navigate the era's Victorian rules and adjust to her newly discovered feelings while she ponders whether her love is impropriety or something disguised like it. Changing morals pose questions for the small town of Darrington, Kentucky and for the lively young residents who live along the peaceful tree-lined street known as Dandelion Lane.

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